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Michael Ignatieff: Your Wife has to swear an oath to an old lady to vote for you

With the May 2nd Federal Election approaching, and Michael Ignatieff’s Liberal Party needing all the support it can get, it is unfortunate that his own wife, Hungarian Zsuzsanna Zsohar is not yet a Canadian citizen and thus, cannot add her support to his plummeting poll numbers. What’s worse is that if Mrs. Zsohar wants to become a Canadian citizen, she must swear an Oath to the queen and not to Canada, the country with which her husband wants to lead.

Ignatieff, the most intellectual of the candidates in this election, should surely see that the above process his wife must go through entirely violates his The Rights Revolution thesis that Canada professes equality and group rights. For a monarchy, which is legally entrenched to be ‘above’ the rest of the population, is fundamentally anti-equality, for it professes human being rank, which does not exist – all human beings are equal before the law.

And, considering, his position as the Director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Ignatieff should also be able to clearly make the connection that a swearing of an Oath to a queen and its related Head Of State powers entirely violates human rights and equality at the highest levels of a nation’s governance. For no Canadian citizen can even dream to be Head of State of their own country, because all of us are: a) not part of the Windsor bloodline; b) not part of the Church of England; c) not the next male-in-line to the throne; d) ‘commoners’ and most importantly, e) residents of Canada and not Britain.

Mr. Ignatieff, you are leader of the Liberal Party. Your party’s once-proud policy direction gave us the Canadian Maple Leaf Flag. Mr. Ignatieff – you are a husband. You brought your wife to this great country to show her you can apply your years of intellectual prowess in the political arena. Set an example to your country and more importantly, save your wife of swearing an embarrassing oath and give us a Liberal Policy direction of ridding Canada of the institution of the monarchy.

Maybe your poll numbers, and your relationship with your wife – will both skyrocket…

Ivan Sandoval

  1. Ron Berdusco
    May 1, 2011 at 12:32 am

    Ivan…that was an excellent article! I fully agree with all your salient points. It is a damn shame that Mrs. Ignatieff has to swear allegiance to a foreign, off-shore monarch in order to vote for her Canadian husband. Pffffffttt.
    One of my favorite journalists and book authors, Christopher Hitchens, a Brit by birth, but now residing in Washington,DC, said that “the royal family is a blight upon the reputation of England.” I believe that applies to Canada as well.
    BTW, Ivan, a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. And may you live to see the day when this moribund monarchy chapter of our history is closed.

  2. Mel
    May 16, 2011 at 12:35 am

    This article is irrevelant now. But, I am ready for the MP letter writing campaign to start.

    It makes me sick that in a few months, Harper will be praising Will and Kate, kissing their asses as they head here to rack up our expenses.

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