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Canada Republic: A valentine on Flag Day

February 15, 2012 Leave a comment

By happy coincidence each year, Valentine’s Day cozies up next to Flag Day (Feb. 15), the anniversary of the Maple Leaf’s adoption in 1964. That’s appropriate, because both days are about love. On Valentine’s, our passions show with kisses, cards, and chocolate. On Flag Day—well, 47 years after it was born, we tend to repress public displays of affection for the flag, and that ought to change. We possess patriotic passion, but the day sees no pageants, parades, or nationwide flag raisings, and no songs sung about it. Then again, it is February, and in some places it’s reached the freezing point of nylon.

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Canadian Republic Research List – Summer 2011

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment

(1) June 1, 2011 … The Queen will keep a close eye on William and Catherine’s Canadian tour … Unlike Australia, Canada has no major republican movement … however, Canadians are divided on the future of the monarchy after Elizabeth’s reign ends : .

[Yet re “no major republican movement,” note the Ottawa Citizen, July 2, 2011: “despite the excitement about the royal wedding and now the royal visit, polls have told a different story about Canadians’ views toward the monarchy. Polls show a nagging indifference toward the royal tour among many Canadians. And opinion surveys have long uncovered a strong republican streak among Canadians, the majority of whom, according to some polls, would like to see the monarchy abolished and replaced with an elected head of state.”] :

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Canadian Republican Research List – May 2011

June 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Prominent Canadian Republican Randall White’s monthly ‘Canadian Republican Research List’ providing a timeline of Canadian Republican-related news events/articles/happenings with appropriate links by date.

(1) May 1, 2011 … Wedding’s Over, but Task of Charting Monarchy’s Future Lies Ahead :

(2) May 2, 2011 … Many people have died for the right to vote … Put an end to election apathy and show your solidarity with protesters around the world by casting a ballot, write Ronald F. Caza, Sara Ulmer and Yan Zawisza :


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Michael Ignatieff: Your Wife has to swear an oath to an old lady to vote for you

April 29, 2011 2 comments

With the May 2nd Federal Election approaching, and Michael Ignatieff’s Liberal Party needing all the support it can get, it is unfortunate that his own wife, Hungarian Zsuzsanna Zsohar is not yet a Canadian citizen and thus, cannot add her support to his plummeting poll numbers. What’s worse is that if Mrs. Zsohar wants to become a Canadian citizen, she must swear an Oath to the queen and not to Canada, the country with which her husband wants to lead.

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The Monarchy & “Liberal” Royalists By Can Pat

April 23, 2011 2 comments
Of all things, before all else must issue a sincere and heartfelt condemnation to royalists that identify themselves as leftists or liberals. There is nothing liberal or democratic about monarchy, whatever it has done or hasn’t done. Any person who is a leftist and a monarchist is like a black member of the Ku Klux Klan—an idiot undergoing an identity crisis. One can’t be the upholder of democratic ideals and of an inherently evil and unnecessary institution that is at the core of all the inconsistent whinings about imperialism and colonialism we Canadians have always attributed against the Americans. Republics can correct themselves while monarchies cannot and won’t. Royalists, whatever political stripe, either hate democracy or are too stupid or insane (in some cases both) to realize monarchy is an evil affront to democracy and will fight tooth and nail to prevent it.

Canadian Republican Research List – March 2011

April 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Prominent Canadian Republican Randall White’s monthly ‘Canadian Republican Research List’ providing a timeline of Canadian Republican-related news events/articles happenings with appropriate links by date:

(1) March 2, 2011 … Prime minister, wife invited to royal wedding — but will they go? :

(2) March 4, 2011 … Canada doesn’t have a constitutional monarchy. It has a “Harper government” … Tories re-brand government moniker in government communications :

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My Encounter With Bob Rae @ Churchill Society for the Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy By Ashok Charles

March 22, 2011 4 comments

The Churchill Society for the Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy sponsors an annual debate in cooperation with the Hart House Debate Committee at the University of Toronto. Having learned that the resolution of this year’s debate would be: “Support for democracy should be the foundation for Canadian foreign policy,” and that Bob Rae would be speaking afterwards, I decided to attend.

As it happened, I had started reading Bob Rae’s most recent book, Exporting Democracy, and had been impressed with the breadth of the political and historical context contained in the first section. As part of his historical overview, he sketches out the contrasting notions of Thomas Paine, who advocated an uncompromising expression of the theory of egalitarian democracy, and Edmund Burke, who proposed great caution when modifying established institutions. Read more…

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