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Canadian Republican Research List – May 2011

Prominent Canadian Republican Randall White’s monthly ‘Canadian Republican Research List’ providing a timeline of Canadian Republican-related news events/articles/happenings with appropriate links by date.

(1) May 1, 2011 … Wedding’s Over, but Task of Charting Monarchy’s Future Lies Ahead : http://bit.ly/lZ6chr

(2) May 2, 2011 … Many people have died for the right to vote … Put an end to election apathy and show your solidarity with protesters around the world by casting a ballot, write Ronald F. Caza, Sara Ulmer and Yan Zawisza : http://bit.ly/lDLJkd


(3) May 2, 2011 … In Canada, can a ‘little rebellion’ in tonight’s general election be a good thing? … The leaders that English Canada did produce in the 18th century (and 19th century) were largely hyper-loyal to the British monarchy rejected by the US, and suspicious towards all that small “r” republican ferment south of the border … Canadians may yet find that, if it helps open the mental climate of their national political life to more new ideas, “a little [political] rebellion, now and then” can indeed be a good thing : http://bit.ly/jo6Hmg

(4) May 5, 2011 … Majority win may spur Senate reform : http://bit.ly/lJ6T8w

(5) May 7, 2011 … Ottawa Hotels Book Up Ahead of Wills and Kate’s Visit : http://exm.nr/kZgJo6

(6) May 7, 2011 … The Royal Wedding: How William and Kate lit the touch paper for the new era of the monarchy … William and Kate are the new stars of the Royal family — and the public love them for their spontaneity, says Patrick Jephson : http://tgr.ph/mDVRTq

(7) May 13, 2011 … Where was John Manley when the Liberals needed him? … John Manley, a Liberal MP for 16 years and one-time leadership candidate, said this week the party’s collapse was a long time in coming … Manley’s right: the party needs a character again, a vision that stands for something … http://natpo.st/jekN9P

(8) May 15, 2011 … Queen in Ireland: Chequered history behind visit … The relationship between the Crown and Ireland has been one of the longest and most difficult in the history of Britain’s monarchy … In 1937, the Irish political leader Eamon de Valera introduced the new Constitution of Ireland which established the office of president of Ireland who, supposedly, replaced the British monarch as Ireland’s head of state … Arguably, though, in law this was not the case, and it was not until the Irish parliament passed the Republic of Ireland Act in 1948 that the link with the Crown was finally broken … Only at that point, technically, did the British monarch cease to have a role in Ireland which, henceforth, was to be regarded as a republic. [Something like this just may happen in Canada too … a two-stage withdrawal of the British monarchy?] :http://bbc.in/m0KGng

(9) May 17, 2011 … New momentum for Senate reform … With a new Conservative majority in the House of Commons, change is coming … “There’s no doubt that Senate reform will be on the government’s agenda in the not-too-distant future,” said Tory Sen. Marjory LeBreton : http://bit.ly/lLCL46.

(10) May 19, 2011 … Is it time to cut Canada’s ties to the House of Windsor? : http://bit.ly/l7335V

(11) May 22, 2011 … Kenney defends Senate appointments, urges provinces to hold elections : http://bit.ly/jCuUL0

(12) May 24, 2011 … Middle Eastern pro-democracy uprisings ought to remind us of Canada’s Rebellions of 1837-38 … By Ashok Charles : http://bit.ly/mJCRDe

(13) May 26, 2011 … Uppal targets senate reform as his priority … The newly minted minister of state for democratic reform has his sights set on Senate reform as one of three objectives on his agenda … the other two items on his agenda are changing the way seats are allocated in the House of Commons to bring more balanced representation to Canada’s fastest growing areas and to eliminate the $2 per vote annual subsidy taxpayers provide to Canada’s political parties : http://bit.ly/iWm2sk

(14) May 26, 2011 … Media Advisory: Governor General to Celebrate Members of the Canadian Forces and Veterans in Kitchener and Meet with Caring Community Members in Stratford : http://bit.ly/mnqrIW

(15) May 27, 2011 … American Arrested for Insulting Thai King … An American citizen has been arrested in Thailand  and accused of insulting the country’s monarchy in the latest in a string of cases highlighting the strict and controversial laws protecting the ailing king … The American, Lerpong Wichaicommart, has been charged with using the Internet to disseminate information that insults or threatens the monarchy, the Thai authorities said on Friday : http://nyti.ms/j0t7Du

(16) May 30, 2011 … Quebec will challenge Harper’s Senate reform bill in the courts : http://bit.ly/lFg5pY

(17) May 31, 2011 … Quebec legislator compares Royals to ‘parasites’ : http://bit.ly/kwVcmV

(18) May 31, 2011 … Separatist group plans to protest royal visit by Will and Kate … the Réseau de résistance du Québecois, a militant separatist group, is planning to demonstrate in Quebec City with the goal of making the visit of William and Kate “as disagreeable as possible” : http://bit.ly/mvygYH

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