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Canadian Republican Research List – March 2011

Prominent Canadian Republican Randall White’s monthly ‘Canadian Republican Research List’ providing a timeline of Canadian Republican-related news events/articles happenings with appropriate links by date:

(1) March 2, 2011 … Prime minister, wife invited to royal wedding — but will they go? : http://bit.ly/dTWbFR

(2) March 4, 2011 … Canada doesn’t have a constitutional monarchy. It has a “Harper government” … Tories re-brand government moniker in government communications : http://bit.ly/gH6PNj

(3) March 6, 2011 … Time to wave goodbye to the monarchy … Charles Pascal … I will soon celebrate the 40th anniversary of my cherished Canadian citizenship. I remember so clearly that meeting in the office of the Quebec judge who posed my skill-testing question. “Ottawa is the capital of Canada,” I answered. He then asked if I would swear an oath to the Queen. “Sure, I guess if it’s necessary,” I said. “Play along with it, that’s what we do in Quebec,” the judge smiled … All these decades later, I wonder why so many of us still “play along with it.” Witness the many Torontonians who lament our fair city being left off this summer’s scheduled honeymoon visit of William and Kate … I do have a few friends who claim that “a Chicago boy will never understand the importance of the Queen.” But far more of my Canadian-born buddies agree it’s time to move on. And most recent polls show that from 50 to 60 per cent of Canadians agree … Our current Governor General, David Johnston, is clearly the kind of competent head of state we need. So what’s the problem? The problem is that the process is the product. How we choose our head of state is key … While it is true that Prime Minister Stephen Harper consulted widely in choosing Johnston and in this regard added a dose of democratic process, it’s time we developed a made-in-Canada approach that is transparent and truly democratic … Charles Pascal is a professor at OISE/University of Toronto and a former Ontario deputy minister : http://bit.ly/hBRZwH

(4) March 9, 2011 … Harper’s personality cult prompts Prof. Rose to recall French King Louis XIV and his 17th-century divine right of kings: “L’État, c’est moi” : http://bit.ly/gODO9F

(5) March 10, 2011 … Harpers will attend royal wedding : http://bit.ly/dOncak

(6) March 10, 2011 … Re: Time to wave goodbye to the monarchy, Opinion, March 6 …. Canada would be making a big mistake by ending the monarchy [Christopher Edwards, New York] … Yes. It is more than “time to cut the cord” and wave goodbye to the monarchy. We don’t need it. Canada will soon be 150 years old. Surely that constitutes an adult country. [Suzanne Grenke, Oakville]. Mmmm … the guy from New York wants Canada to keep the monarchy, but the lady who actually lives in Canada says NO! : http://bit.ly/hAKjgz

(7) March 12, 2011 … Re: Time to wave goodbye to the monarchy, Opinion, March 6 [Some letters in favour of monarchy but also: “Bravo, Charles Pascal. The monarchy today is just a distasteful reminder of nobility in authority, of class distinction and of pompous arrogance. Look back in history where democracy wrested government from the monarchy. Consider the damaging legacy of colonialism. We don’t sing “God Save the Queen” anymore. The fuss over the royal wedding is an anachronism and is downright shameful. Let’s move on.” Harold Berenstein, Toronto] : http://bit.ly/eUYJGZ

(8) March 14, 2011 … Wedding is a tough sell for some travel agencies … In Saint John, N.B., a $3,950 package organized by Ellen Tucker, owner of the Freedom Travel agency, drew only four customers by the first week of March … “It didn’t sell,” says Tucker, still holding out hopes for more takers. The two-week tour includes four nights in London during the time of the wedding, but also takes in Scotland and other parts of the UK : http://bit.ly/fwT9YG

(9) March 19, 2011 … The gloves are always off in the PMO … The prime minister and the people around him have all followed American politics their entire lives, they all have close connections with American politicos, and many have actively participated in American politics. In the American system, the idea of political neutrality scarcely exists. Senior civil servants are political appointees. Judges are identified as Republicans and Democrats and the Supreme Court routinely splits along political lines when ruling on politically contentious cases. There is no Governor General or Queen above politics — nothing is above politics :http://bit.ly/i2iqw1

(10) March 23, 2011 … British royals fascinate Canadians, even francophones [A dubious piece, from the usually excellent AFP service from France. But it does contain this grain of truth: “Across Canada, a 2010 poll by international opinion trackers Angus Reid found that more than two-thirds of Canadians, a 69 percent majority, would like to see a Canadian serving as Canada’s head of state, and 52 percent favored reopening the constitutional debate to discuss replacing the monarchy”] : http://f24.my/g3KSUA

(11) March 24, 2011 … GG refuses to wade into debate on eve of election … Gov. Gen. David Johnston refused Thursday to wade into in any election debate about coalition governments … The viceroy steadfastly declined to talk politics at two separate events in Montreal, as Canada teetered on the edge of an election campaign : http://bit.ly/dLVirY

(12) March 26, 2011 … The rules of our democracy … The Prime Minister will momentarily arrive at Rideau Hall to ask that Parliament be dissolved. Meanwhile this morning, Michael Ignatieff has released a statement on how he would handle a minority government : http://bit.ly/gr0BNo

(13) March 28, 2011 … “Royal waste of time” by Greg Barns in Australia … THE British Royal family has no constitutional relevance anymore. It is now simply a taxpayer-subsidised tourist attraction and a neo-colonialist entertainment business … Australians are not fools. They know that any attachment to the British monarchy this country has is historic and has no place in a multicultural society which has its destiny linked to China, India and the Asian region … It is incumbent on our political leaders to drive the republic to reality. This is simple. Ask Australians do they want a republic. The answer will be yes. Then move to a community discussion on models and put that to a referendum. It will succeed if the prime minister backs it : http://bit.ly/e0Aams

(14) March 29, 2011 … Gov. Gen. had other options … As representative of Her Majesty, the Governor General of Canada has a royal prerogative to deny this particular request by a prime minister … He could have said, “No, Stephen, please go back and form a coalition government” … With four parties in the House of Commons (and a few other parties trying to get in on a very unlevel playing field), I would like to predict that Canada will never again have a majority government of one party … I guess the time for coalitions has come to Canada … If only the Governor General had had the guts last Saturday, we would not have had this election : http://bit.ly/fslMEz

(15) March 31, 2011 … Harper declines royal wedding invite … Prime Minister Stephen Harper has sent his regrets to Prince William and Kate Middleton, saying that he will be unable to attend their wedding … Harper and his wife, Laureen, “will not be attending because of the election timing,” PMO spokesperson Nina Chiarelli said in an email to CTV News … “They do send their best wishes to the future newlyweds,” she wrote … Harper had previously announced that he and Laureen accepted an invitation to the event and confirmed their attendance in London on April 29. [WHICH ALL ADDS UP TO ONE VERY GOOD REASON FOR THE CANADIAN FEDERAL ELECTION OF 2011! AT LEAST CANADIAN TAXPAYERS WON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR YET ANOTHER OFFSHORE MONARCHY JUNKET ACROSS THE SEA] : http://bit.ly/e4iZJh

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