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Canadian Republican Research List – Dec 2010/Jan 2011

Prominent Canadian Republican Randall White has compiled a ‘Canadian Republican Research List’ providing a timeline of Canadian Republican-related news events/articles/happenings with appropriate links by date. His first submission, covering December 2010-January 2011 is below:
December 21, 2010 … Queen keeps her head on [some] Canadian stamps : http://bit.ly/g9d0D8 

December 22, 2010 … Lorne Gunter: It’s time for Canada to break ties with the British … A king or queen has to be someone the people — right, left or indifferent — can turn to when they tire of squabbles over such matters. If Charles insists on becoming yet another lightning rod on these issues, the people will quickly lose interest and turn away … Before that day arrives, it  would be smart of us to debate a made-in-Canada alternative : http://bit.ly/elj3Ea

December 24, 2010 … Johnston: Coalition OK  … The new Governor General says he sees nothing wrong or illegitimate with coalition governments — something Prime Minister Stephen Harper has attacked for being “undemocratic” … Gov. Gen. David Johnston told QMI Agency he’s been busy brushing up on constitutional governments in case he is called upon to navigate a choppy political crisis … “Any governor general who has that role in a constitutional system like ours, from time to time will be confronted with questions where there is an element of discretion,” he said … Johnston won’t say whether he would have saved Harper’s government in December 2008, as former governor general Michaelle Jean did by granting the prorogation of Parliament so Harper could avoid a confidence vote … But, he said, he is learning from the past and will seek advice, preferably in advance of being called to make any decision : http://bit.ly/ikl89p

(4) December 30, 2010 … Most Canadians Indifferent to Monarchy and Royal Wedding “A”…Our previous surveys on the monarchy in Canada can be accessed here: September 2007 / March 2008 / October 2009 / November 2009 / May 2010 / July 2010 : http://bit.ly/i4JkiQ

(5) December 30, 2010 … Most Canadians Indifferent to Monarchy and Royal Wedding “B” …  Full Report, Detailed Tables and Methodology (PDF) : http://bit.ly/eweVFK

(6) January 4, 2011 …  Barbara Yaffe …  Ho Hum About William and Kate … An end-of-year Angus Reid poll highlights the ebbing love affair between Canadians and the British royals … Nearly two thirds of us would like to see a Canadian serve as Canada’s head of state … Just 21 per cent favour Canada remaining a monarchy. This represents a drop of 15 points since a similar survey was conducted following Queen Elizabeth II’s royal visit last July : http://bit.ly/fuH9qD

(7) January 8, 2011 … A group celebrating the country’s loyalty to the British Crown is asking for a stamp honouring the upcoming wedding of Prince William to Kate Middelton, but Canada Post said it has no plans to commemorate the royal nuptials : http://bit.ly/fh4ti4

(8) January 9, 2011 … Janice Kennedy … Wasn’t it heartening to see the recent news out of London? Apparently, they’re thinking of changing the rules of monarchical succession. It seems that the idea of putting women behind men, no matter what their birth order, is causing a little discomfort in 21st-century Britain. And the stricture against Catholics — well, that’s just embarrassing in a contemporary democracy :http://bit.ly/i3Jv7B

(9) January 14, 2011 … Jeffrey Simpson … Yes, the PM’s now meddling with the honours system … In the Prime Minister’s Office, under officials working with House Leader John Baird, the most publicly partisan of all ministers, a review is under way of the nation’s honours system … The aim is to associate the Prime Minister with more national awards, perhaps at the expense of the Governor-General, with whose office so many awards are now associated : http://bit.ly/gBY6C6

(10) January 17, 2011 … PM announces the appointment of the Secretary to the Governor General of Canada … Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced today the appointment of Mr. Stephen Wallace as Secretary to the Governor General of Canada, effective February 1, 2011 [what’s going on here anyway: why can’t the GG appoint his own secretary?] : http://bit.ly/f1fJB6

(11) January 21, 2011 … Michael Bliss … It’s time to retire the royals … The difficulty is that the governor-general, like the monarch herself, no longer has real credibility … The governor-general is a referee appointed by the home team, and that poses an enormous problem for his credibility … So it’s time in Canada that we deal with both aspects of the problem of monarchy — its symbolic irrelevance in the age of democracy, meritocracy, and liberty — and its dangerous political irrelevance in an age when those who are tempted to abuse political power must still be required to answer to a higher power with real legitimacy. We should retire the royals … and … institute in our constitution a process of selecting a Canadian head of state, a governor-general or a president of the republic of Canada, in whom our people have confidence and respect :http://bit.ly/ihILzi

(12) January 21, 2011 … Brit asks Canada for help rewriting the rules of the Crown … The British MP spearheading a campaign to rewrite the 310-year-old rules of royal succession is appealing to the Canadian government to back his bid to give women and Catholics equal status in the line to the throne … Labour MP Keith Vaz introduced a resolution in the British House of Commons this week to reform the 1701 Act of Settlement by scrapping provisions that prevent Catholics from becoming King or Queen, bar anyone who marries a Catholic from the line of succession and give men a distinct advantage in the regal pecking order :http://bit.ly/fTfFZo

(13) January 26, 2011 …  Janice Kennedy … Boldness built this nation, but boldness has become a foreign concept … Consider Canada’s ongoing monarchy debate, in which poll after poll suggests a solid majority of Canadians would consider abolition — and even a majority favours reopening the constitutional debate required to do so. What does this do? Spooks our leaders into stasis : http://bit.ly/hu6T3g

(14) January 28, 2011 … Jeffrey Simpson … An Angus Reid poll this month found that “most Canadians are indifferent to monarchy and the royal wedding” (editors across Canada, please take note!) :http://bit.ly/fvmZap

(15) January 30, 2011 … Canada mature nation without monarchy’s ‘muscle’ : http://bit.ly/dX6ctx

(16) January 31, 2011 … Canada should cut ties to monarchy : http://bit.ly/gazBls

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