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Canada Post Stamps Issued To Non-Canadians

The post office has decided it WILL issue a stamp for the wedding of William and Kate. This reverses its original decision to NOT issue one:

Royal wedding gets Canada Post’s stamp of approval


Until January, Canada Post resisted calls for a royal wedding stamp. But then they heard from some collectors and members of the public (I wonder who), and revisited the idea. They are justifying it now on the basis of this being an event of widespread interest.

Until just six years ago, no living person was even permitted to appear on a stamp (except the monarch. Rules don’t apply to her.). Now we’re putting more British non-Canadian royals on a stamp. And we’re seeking approval from London to do it. Insane.

Contact Canada Post and let them know your response:


Send a copy to the director of stamp products, Jim Phillips:


A few points you may want to include:

a. Our stamp program is not a popularity contest, but a reflection of CANADA and the history of THIS country.

b. Urge Canada Post to NOT issue a stamp for next year’s diamond jubilee. One is in the works, but words from us can have great effect. It took only 15 letters to prompt them to look into making one. We can easily counter that.

c. Encourage them to put Canadians on our definitive stamps. Instead of ERII, how about a Prime Minister? Historical greats? Anyone but an overseas non-Canadian who’s already appeared on not less than 60 of our stamps.

We can match and outdo the monarchists. They do not have a monopoly on keyboards, computers and telephones. But we must heed the call to ACT.

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