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Human Rights Abuses in Monarchical Canada

Is Canada, under a foreign monarchy, really democratic, free and respectful of human rights? With such an overt display of a lack of human and equality rights under monarchies, why would Canada, a country that prides itself on freedom and the equality of all citizens ‘subject’ itself to such a denigration by keeping ties, ceremonial or real, to a foreign, overseas monarchy?

The elected Head of State of Canada is currently the monarchy of the United Kingdom, currently represented by the British royal family, currently queen Elizabeth II and succeeded by prince Charles. You and I are ‘subject’ to them. In other words, we are below them, both legally and philosophically.
We must ‘bear true allegiance’ to the queen and on top of that, ‘bear true allegiance’ to her ‘Heir and Successors’. There is thus, no such thing as equality in a monarchy. The very notion that one human being is above the others is inequality at its core. We must always defer to every member of the monarchy in order to be ‘kept in our place’.
If you were born in Canada, as I was, you did not have to physically utter any oath of allegiance. You are still, however, bound by them. Imagine then, the degradation that potential Canadian Citizens must make by bearing allegiance and becoming ‘subject’ to a foreign individual that does not even live on the frigid soil of the very country that they want to be a part of.
The discrimination and lack of human rights does not stop there though. Once you become a Canadian citizen, you are then subject to even more degradation and human rights violations that should never exist fundamentally in a supposedly democratic country such as Canada.
Canada’s Head of State is bound by law to be Supreme Governor of the Church of England, bestowed upon the head of the British monarchy, a title that queen Elizabeth currently holds. This means that Canada’s Head of State can never, by law be of any other religion.
Is this not religious discrimination to all Canadians?
Monarchies are chosen by birthright. This denies Canadians the fundamental democratic right to elect their Head of State. 

Is this not electoral discrimination to all Canadians? 

Monarchies are limited by succession laws to pass on the Head of State title by birth to the next-in-line family member. This means that Canada’s Head Of State will always be of white Anglo-Saxon protestant race. 

Is this not racist discrimination to all Canadians? 

The British royal family employs Peerage, or Honours system that assigns titles to certain individuals and separates Sovereign/ Peers from ‘commoners’ like you and I. They are afforded privileges not assigned to us. 

Is this not classist discrimination for all Canadians? 

The British Royal Family uses male primogeniture, which means that the crown is always passed to males first, before the consideration of women (QEII being a limited exception.) 

Is this not gender discrimination for all Canadians? 

As long as the British Royal Family is officially Canada’s Head of State, then Canada is a part of some of the grossest Human Rights violations in the world. And every naming and reference to ‘royal’ further exacerbates this injustice. This is why we fight for every symbolic name to ensure that Canada is for Canadians, to have symbols like democratic wreathes around Maple Leaves, to have Canada become liberated of the chains that still persist at our ankles.
The chains are almost off, we just need one last push and then, and only then will we truly become the “True North Strong and Free” officially, unofficially, philosophically and in reality…

Up The Republic!

Ivan Sandoval
  1. Robert
    September 5, 2011 at 10:01 am

    If you don’t like living in a monarchy that has been established in Canada since 1763, you are always free to immigrate to the republic to the south (which the Loyalists — the founders of English Canada —were happy to leave).

    • September 5, 2011 at 11:23 am

      Just because Canada has had a monarchy since 1763 doesn’t make it right. The institution, by its very nature, is flawed in that it contradicts the very principle of equality rights (all humans are created equal) by assuming that a set of human beings (royalty) are above others. That may be British, but it isn’t very Canadian, now is it?

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