No queen in 2011

As you may know, postage is going up in the new year. Despite printing “P” stamps, which can be sold and used at the new rate, the post office for some reason keeps issuing new “P” stamp designs with each rate change. For years, even when these stamps had denominations, the ‘queen’ was always part of the series, as if mandated by law (it wasn’t).
Each of the past few years, with every rate hike, I’d write to Canada Post suggesting we hardly need another queen stamp. She has appeared on more than 60 of our stamps since she was a princess! No Canadian even comes close to being so honored. Indeed, her image has bumped worthy Canadians who could have been.
I opened the latest philatelic bulletin, wherein, as usual, another set of “P” stamps has been designed, these with an ‘O Canada’ theme. And I fully expected to see another royal issue on the next page. But lo! There was none! You can imagine my delight. I only hope they’re not keeping one back for later issuance. But it really does seem that, for the first time I can remember, we are NOT issuing a queen stamp!!! Mind you, no Canadian face has taken up the slack, but at least it seems the queen issue has been given a reprieve.
This could be because there’s a huge stockpile of them, which can sold at any future rate. So ERII may not be disappearing anytime soon from your local post office, as supplies are used up. Let us hope they are not replaced!
May I encourage my fellow republicans to send a note of thanks to the post office, and urge them not to backslide on this decision, but to put Canadians on future definitive stamps. Be sure to BCC me as well, if you would. Here’s their email:
All the best to you in 2011, a year no doubt full of great advances for our cause!
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