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Canadian Navy or Royal Canadian Navy?

A great initiative was put forth by a prominent Canadian Republican, author Randall White. It regards the renaming of the Maritime Command. The Senate of Canada’s National Security and Defence Committee is looking into changing the name of our naval forces now officially known as the “Maritime Command.” 

Senator Bill Rompkey from Newfoundland & Labrador wants to formalize the already informal practice of referring to our Navy as simply – and justly – the ‘Canadian Navy’, and not the ‘Royal Canadian Navy’ (pre-1968 Official Name) as suggested by archaic Senators Joseph Fay of New Brunswick, Donald Plett of Manitoba and Fabian Manning of Newfoundland & Labrador.

The monarchist league apparently has a petition with more than 5,000 names in support of the “Royal Canadian Navy” option. We need support for the “Canadian Navy” option so that Senator Rompkey can see that real Canadians agree and appreciate what he’s trying to do.

This issue is very important to our cause. As Mr. White stated:

“What we have here, I think, is at least a few politicians of a sort in Canada actually debating a very early version of our ultimate republican question. We should be supporting the ones on our side…

The below letter is a petition that was initiated by Mr. White with the intentions of forwarding it to Senator Rompkey:

Dear Senator Rompkey:

We have noted with interest a number of reports in our local press, concerning your involvement in the Senate National Security and Defence Committee’s recent debate on renaming Canada’s naval forces. And we would just like to express our strong support for the positions we understand you have taken in this debate.

We agree that our naval forces deserve a more straightforward and intelligible name than “Maritime Command” — which we understand has served as their official designation since the formal unification of Canada’s armed forces in 1968.

We also agree that our naval forces should now officially be “named ‘Canadian Navy’ as Liberal Sen. Bill Rompkey suggests” (as reported in the Toronto Sun, December 1, 2010).

We especially agree that returning to the old colonial name of “Royal Canadian Navy,” to quote another remark of yours from our local press, “just doesn’t recognize the reality of Canada in 2010 … We are an independent and unique country” (Toronto Sun, November 23, 2010).

We have been encouraged as well by other arguments against reviving the old “Royal” terminology reported in the press: “Numerous retired members of the navy have suggested the rank-and-file don’t want Royal in the name, and some senators believe it conjures up a colonial past that doesn’t reflect the modern Canadian navy as independent” (Toronto Sun, November 29, 2010) ; and “Opponents say the Royal Canadian Navy brings back ideas of colonialism and is insensitive to francophones, aboriginals and new Canadians who cannot identify with the term” (Toronto Sun, November 23, 2010).

We have also noted some additional wise words of yours, quoted in the November 23 Halifax online edition of Metro news: “Officially, legally, we’ll be calling it what it is … The Canadian Navy has been called the Canadian Navy for many years now but that’s not how it is officially known.”

Finally, according to the November 29 issue of the Toronto Sun, Dean Ian Holloway from the University of Western Ontario has urged that “Royal Canadian Navy” is preferable to “Canadian Navy” because: “”We live in a world of acronyms and in a Canadian context the acronym CN is already taken … To call it CN would risk brand confusion with our national railway.” We humbly submit that this potential problem can be avoided, by designating the official abbreviation for Canadian Navy as CNV — which takes up no more space than RCN!

Our very best wishes for the ultimate success of your motion to officially rename the present Maritime Command “Canadian Navy.” And many thanks for your forward-looking action on behalf of our independent and unique country today.

(Randall White)

I created a Facebook Fan Page regarding the issue, support it with a ‘Like’ see link below: 


Send a letter of support to Senator Bill Rompkey via his website:

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